Staying ahead of tax season

Staying ahead of tax season

Feb 07, 17
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We are preparing for a delightful tax season, and look forward to seeing you all. Here is some helpful tips to get you organized and get your tax return as quickly as possible.

Save the date.

Don’t wait until the last minute to make an appointment. Call our receptionist to book a time slot that is best fit for your schedule. This eliminates scrambling and stress!


Don’t wait for April to start gathering all the information to complete  your tax return! Every January assign a folder for filing your receipts that can be brought with you the day of your appointment. Use our checklist to ensure that you have all your receipts ready and organized. Receipts such as rent, public transit, medical and any other financial statements.

Research Eligible Credits

Check out the CRA website for tax breaks and credits that you may qualify for. Even if you have no income to report, you should file a return as you may be entitled to GST/HST and Trillium Benefits.

Going Green.

Help our office transform to an eco-friendly environment. We ask that you bring a USB stick to receive an electronic copy of your return. In addition, enrol in the direct deposit option to receive your refund the greenest and fastest way possible. To do this you must visit your financial institution or go to for more information.

We thank you for your continuous business and we will see you soon!

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